New AWEP MiniCard. Cardio-Protected Spaces

With everything necessary to carry out resuscitation in case of emergency. The guarantee of the best defibrillator with the options of RCP systems in duplicate, including the necessary training and legalization; also at a particular level (Inform).


Kit composed of: Desfibrillation DESA by Schiller, 2 units CPR for ventilation, 2 pairs of vinyl gloves, one razor for shaving, 2 packs of sanitary napkins and 1 access scissors.

With the portability of 1,5 Kg. Of weight, the 3D fabric anti-slip resistant to water and dust (IP-44/67), with anti-shock and anti-theft system with opening and SOS automatic warning to reference phone . DESA module of defibrillation + auto-electrodes and autonomy of 4 years and extension by replacement battery.

What guidelines to follow before a heart attack?


In situations of heart attack or cardio-respiratory arrest, the first thing we should do is call emergency 112 as time will be key. The faster you can attend to it better. It will be optimal to have a defibrillator by hand at the time of proceeding to resuscitation, otherwise, perform assistance through cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth ventilation, following the norm of 20/3 (20 massages per 3 inflations of air) all this, prior to the arrival of emergency services (SEM, SAMUR, etc).


With indicated, in this type of situation, having an AED or DESA (portable external defibrator) will be paramount when it comes to establishing a quick patient diagnosis and knowing if it is necessary to perform an electrical resuscitation discharge. These devices are very useful in cases in which the person assisted has a ventricular fibrillation; something common in most cases.

What can be the symptoms?


In most cases, myocardial infarction is manifested by acute chest pain followed by a sensation of compression (similar to having a bucket of water in the chest). Before each acute phase, the person may suffer from intermediate stages of the ischemic type or lack of blood flow in specific parts of the heart muscle, which is known as "chest angina" and which result in this sensation of chest compression accompanied by an apparent lack of air (dyspnea), this being the last, one of the first signs to be taken into account. These symptoms may increase or decrease according to the phases of the cardiac crisis.


The pains may extend to the mouth, back, especially irradiated to the left arm, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of loss or disorientation, nausea or vomiting. Sometimes these patients can be asymptomatic, especially in the case of the elderly, women and diabetics.



Distribuidor autorizado Schiller, S.A
Distribuidor autorizado Schiller, S.A

New FRED Easy / FRED Easy Life defibrillator with simple, clear and detailed audio and visual instructions to guide the rescuer safely during the resuscitation process. A metronome will indicate the correct rhythm to perform chest compressions efficiently.


+ An advanced resuscitation kit with everything you need: access scissors, gauze, vinyl gloves, etc ...

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