AWEP Sanitary Suitcase

"Medical Monitoring Everywhere - MME" 

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With a weight of less than 2 kg and adaptations in its portability, with an operating autonomy of> 12h. Everything you need when you need it.



With all the connectivity to IT systems and home automation, for the control and monitoring of patients within a history of results.


All in 1

With the combination of different diagnoses working simultaneously for the response of critical parameters, the IVD analytical and the functional in vivo and in addition to the safety in CPR resuscitation.

(+ otros modelos)
(+ otros modelos)


Close to the patient in home care, geriatrics, rural care, events, sports medicine, rescue, etc ...


New care models, with special attention in the coverage of clinical needs wherever required.


With an evidence-based medicine for a better control of the situation and the agility of the protocols of action.

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Espacios Cardio-Protegidos con el AWEP MiniCard.  

Empresa autorizada Schiller, S.A
Empresa autorizada Schiller, S.A

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Nuevo video demostrativo acerca de las posibilidades de aplicación del sistema AWEP, como monitor de constantes y diagnóstico cercano a paciente:


"Medical Monitoring Everywhere - MME"


PT_Novo vídeo de demonstração sobre as possibilidades de aplicação do sistema AWEP, como monitor constante e diagnóstico de perto do paciente: 


ENG_New demonstration video about the possibilities of application of the AWEP system, as constant monitor and close patient diagnosis:


"Medical Monitoring Everywhere - MME"