Patient Solutions on Geratrics

AWEP® System on Geriatrics:

Testing close the patient-Resident.

Covering all the patient's analytical needs, both by parameter and control profile, with all the guarantees of results. 


Patient-Res Monitoring.

Patient-resident traceability with specific analytical tests and remote critical parameters; Wherever it is needed


Rapid Testing.

For the early diagnosis and monitoring of tumor markers. seasonal infections. Bacteria, vices, multiple, etc.

Chronic Patient

Everything necessary for the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and ailments, locally and remotely.


Gasometry systems

Cardiac markers

Metabolic Profile





Reactive trips


Infectious, HIV, HCB, HCV, CMV, SIF, GON, others.

Tumor markers





Blood pressure


Oxygen saturation




Application scenarios.

In line with the medical news for the geriatric centers, last April 2017, the Palau de Palau Solità-Plegamans-Barcelona Residential Center, a 100% transparent residence, started an internal clinical assessment study to obtain a diagnosis close to patient based on POCT systems for cases of acute-patient and chronic management patients, with a view to reducing the number of referrals from residents to hospitals and the unnecessary displacement of the patient and companion. To this end, the health staff of the center has a panel of analytical tests with computer support to obtain sample results in patient-resident management and disease screening.


After the installation phase, the set consists of interconnected POCT benchtop analytical equipment and an AWEP-1 technical-health kit for the determination of infectious diseases, rapid tests for serology and molecular tests, completing the analysis with a lipid profile , glycosylated hemoglobin, ACR and CRP levels, also Influenza A & B or Streptoccoccus Pneumoniae, a blood gas analysis, electrolytes, metabolites, or even, risk assessment and diagnosis of cardiac insufficiencies, thromboembolisms and others.

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